How to Let go of Fear and Release Karma – 3 Magic Words Movie

Dolores Cannon talks about how to let go of fear and release karma an interview for the movie 3 Magic 

What is Karma? How Do You Break the Karmic Trap – Sadhguru

What is Karma? Sadhguru speaks on the nature of memory and how it influences not just our mind and emotion, but also our body and genetic make-up. He also relates memory to the karmic structure in the human system and how to go beyond this.

HOW KARMA WORKS explained by Hans Wilhelm

The technical process of law of karma More About Hans: Hans Wilhelm is the author and illustrator of 200 books for all ages with total sales of over 40 million copies in 30 languages. As a mystic he inspires audiences around the world with his life-affirming concepts to connect with their own inner wisdom.His popular YouTube videos have become an important source of inspiration and help for his over 10 million viewers. If you wish to contact Hans, please go to and click on the contact page. And please make sure you'll get his monthly newsletter by subscribing at where you will also find a helpful index of all videos already existing.he technical process of law of karma For more videos and contact visit

How To Clear PAST KARMAS?: BK Shivani at Silicon Valley, Milpitas

"BEING LOVE - Creating beautiful relationships", a NEW BOOK by BK Shivani. You can order on Amazon: BK Shivani explains the nature of certain repetitive karmic patterns and ways to settle them. Let us not hold on to anything of the past - guilt from our mistakes or resentment about others’ wrongdoings. Radiating vibrations of love and peace clears emotional and physical blockages and settles our past karmas. Right present karmas influence our present and future.